Electric door strikes

The GU group offers you a series of electric strikes that meets all kinds of mechanical and electric demands with just a few variants. Their small size and a smart accessory range allow you to adapt them to all customary profiles. The optional version with latch slide cover even saves you the effort of cutting a recess into the profile edge.

Standard versions

The­ right solu­tion for every door profile: you can choose between fail-secure (oper­ating current) ver­sions with or without preload electronics and fail-safe (qui­es­cent current) ver­sions – each with optional latch slide cover allowing for con­cealed installation. The­ coloured ter­minal clamps make it easy to distin­guish the­ variants from each other.

Fire-rated door strikes

For use on fire and smoke pro­tec­tion doors we offer the­ fire-rated 'FH' ver­sions. Their mechan­ical components con­sist of a mate­rial the­ melting point of which is beyond 1000 °C.

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