Аксессуары для строительства

Ничего на волю случая, даже выбор аксессуаров для строительства.Группа компаний GU предлагает Вам широкий выбор всевозможных аксессуаров для изготовления и установки дверей и дверной фурнитуры.

Door hinges

With GU door hinges you will join the­ door leaf with the­ frame safely and accu­rately. Here you will find a wide range of uni­ver­sally usable hinges for PVC, timber and alu­minium frame profiles.

Building chem­icals

Here you will find a mul­ti­tude of chem­ical building prod­ucts needed for the­ fab­rica­tion, installation and sealing as well as the­ main­tenance and inspec­tion of windows and doors. And also many items for ener­getic recon­struc­tion such as, e.g., insu­lants, sealants and adhe­sives.

Door gas­kets

No energy effi­ciency without tight doors: the­ GU group therefore offers a new gen­er­a­tion of gasket profiles for many different profile geome­tries.

Fas­tening technology

The­ GU group offers you a broad selec­tion of modern fas­tening technology prod­ucts. These include a var­iety of mechan­ical connec­tion solutions for a wide range of appli­cations. All prod­ucts comply with the­ current reg­u­la­tions and stan­dards.

Door sealing tapes and structural sealing prod­ucts

Door sealing tapes and structural sealing prod­ucts from the­ GU group enable you to achieve a per­fectly tight joint between struc­ture and door. Of course, we also pro­vide pro­fes­sional advice with regard to the­ current reg­u­la­tions and rec­om­men­da­tions.

Automatic door seals

With automatic door seals from the­ GU group you pro­vide for per­fect insu­la­tion between door and floor­, thus avoiding draught and keeping out insects, dust and soil. The­ seals are suit­able for use with PVC, timber, or alu­minium doors

Glazing technology

GU glazing tools and accessories allow for pro­fes­sional glass sheet installation even when the­ most demanding require­ments must be met. This is pos­sible thanks to thor­oughly selected and tested mate­r­ials for one thing, and to an exten­sive product­ range for another.

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