Замки ВКS

Являясь лидером рынка в антипаниковых замках для входных дверей, мы предлагаем широкий ассортимент. Замки и аксессуары для противопожарных дверей и врезных замков от компании GU соответствуют европейскому стандарту DIN 18251.

For timber or steel doors

For your timber or steel doors you receive spe­cially dimen­sioned mor­tise locks with the­ corre­sponding strikers and latch plates to be attached to the­ door frame. Also for spe­cialised areas.

For alu­minium or PVC doors

For narrow stile doors with slim and differ­ently reinforced tubular frames of alu­minium or PVC, we offer a broad selec­tion of locks with small backsets to meet your indi­vidual require­ments, regard­less of how spe­cial they may be.

For glass doors

Elegant glass doors or all-glass door assem­blies require unob­tru­sive yet secure locks with modern func­tions. The­ PRIME OFFICE product­ line pro­vides you with a whole range of locks for sophis­ticated appli­cations on glass doors, while variants are compat­ible among each other func­tion­ally and visu­ally.

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