Карусельные двери

GRA standard revolving door

The­ flexible design of this manual or automatic revolving door system and a mul­ti­tude of options allow for indi­vidual solutions varying in appear­ance and size.

GGG all-glass revolving door

hanks to panels with a maximum por­tion of glass and a fully glazed roof, the­ all-glass revolving door ide­ally inte­grates into glass curtain walls. The­ automatic variant is by no means less translu­cent, for the­ drive is unobtru­sively embedded in the­ floor­.

GGR large-capacity revolving door

An auto­mated entrance solu­tion pro­viding access to large numbers of people, even when underway with shopping trolley, pram, or wheelchair. When­ever required, espe­cially in the­ event of an emer­gency, the­ strong panels can be folded away.

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